Dog waste can transmit bacteria and viruses including, tapeworm, roundworm, E. Coli, Parvo and more.
Canine fecal matter is a top contributor to storm water pollution.
Waste matter accumulation can negatively affect your lawns appearance and health.
Dog waste should not be used as a fertilizer.
A pile can take a year or more to fully breakdown.
Dog waste accumulation can attract mice , parasites and other unwanted pests.
Please do not put your family and pets at risk by not picking up dog waste.
Dog Waste Can Contain:
Hookworms: In people, these larvae us
ually migrate in the skin causing an itching red track to develop.
Roundworms: Can cause vision problems and nervous deficits.
Cryptosporidium: Common symptoms include diarrhea, stomach cramps, nausea and dehydration. May be fatal to people with depressed immune systems.
Campylobacteriosis: A bacterial infection carried by dogs and cats that frequently causes diarrhea in humans.
Giardia: Can cause extreme diarrhea.