*$49.00 start-up for yards not cleaned up in over 2 weeks.
*Call for free estimate on yards over 3200 square feet.
(40' x 80' = 3200 square feet)
*Call for free estimate for Service more than 2 days a week.

Weekly(1 dog)$49.00/month  $11.50 per week.

Twice Weekly(1 dog)$79.00/month  $18.23 per week.

More than 1 Dog?
Add an additional $10.00 per month, per dog.
If you have any questions.

Call 708 969-2473
One Time Dog Waste Clean Up
$25.00 per additional 1/4 Hour after one Hour.
Payment due at start of service.
To continue service, just pay at the end of the month for following month.
No Contracts, Start or Quit anytime.
Poopie Pickers accepts Credit Cards, Pay Pal, Personal Check, and Cash.

Call 708 969-2473 to start your service!

Once a Week Monthly Dog Waste Clean Up

One Time Dog Waste Clean Up